Ethertronics / KYOCERA AVX Eval Board for Antenna Band Switching Performance

Ethertronics / KYOCERA AVX has designed an evaluation board for antenna band switching performance. This eval board features a size of 45.5mm x 60mm and is rated for an operating temperature range from -40°C to +85°C. The board includes a battery holder to power the switch and enables the device to test antenna band switching performance. In addition, this Ethertronics / KYOCERA AVX eval board uses standard products to enable faster time-to-market, including the FR4 embedded LTE antenna 1004795 and the chipset EC646 for band switching and aperture tuning. The board features a compact size that is suitable for IoT devices, M2M industrial devices, trackers, and home automation markets.

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published by Mouser Electronics Inc..

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